We are Enthusiasts.

We love tech. and everything around it! I started Acura to disrupt the market with a team of like-minded technology lovers. Starting out of a garage in my home over 5 years ago we’ve grown to become one of the largest players in IOT. It’s been a great journey so far, and we do it all in the name of – Precision with Vision.

Precision with Vision.

Acura was launched with the prime aim of providing Visionary products with the Precision that the IOT-Security market lacks. Hence our mantra which we follow by every step of the way. It’s our company ethos and we still follow it to this day and it’s moulded us into the company which we are known for by the world today.

We genuinely love technology and whether its Michael in his 1 bedroom apartment to Lily in her 6 bedroom house or even a business owner with over 5 acres of office space. We care.

Our team thrive off people, and we want to share our technology with everyone however big or small they are. All in the name of Precision with Vision.

Our Business.

Acura supplies a variety of verticals from end users to the trade, and aims to provide the best customer experience available in the industry. Where we differ from the rest is that we like to learn from our customers, we want to know how our customers use their products, why they use our products and how they can do more with our products. We use this data to make constant adjustments to areas such as customer experience, technical support and sales – ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry.

A Reviews.co.uk Trusted Business.

Security is misconstrued. It’s seen as a very commercial product inaccessible to the typical end-user. I started Acura to change that, to empower users with pioneering IOT technology that previously wasn’t available to them.


Let’s Talk.

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Phone: +44(0800 014 8655)
Email: hello@acurasystems.co.uk